Update on the market for the D&I Metal Bottle!

Advantages metal bottle

‘PRIME Metal Bottle’ in Puidoux – Switzerland, promises you a regular market insight on  feed-back and interest from her followers on the newly launched website. Today, we share some market information from experts throughout the supply chain, on the added value for the light weight D&I ‘PRIME metal bottle’.

  1. What the Brand Owners tell us:

Brewers and BRAND owners are looking for ADDED VALUE and better positioning of their QUALITY and PREMIUM products. Especially the CRAFT brewers would rather have this bottle tomorrow than in two years’ time!

Co-packing facilities will assist major BRANDS to service niche markets for PREMIUM labels, in order to avoid disturbance by smaller SKU’s (stock keeping units) in the filling locations.

  1. Low Cost opportunities for filling:

Some interesting and encouraging comments were made by the filling  equipment line suppliers: the ‘PRIME metal bottle’ can be filled on standard glass filling lines be it high speed rotary filling lines or low speed linear filling lines.

The capping systems are standard as well. In short: to switch to ‘PRIME metal bottle’ filling on standard glass filling lines, does not require unsurmountable capital expenditures. A line-audit and maybe some small adjustments are recommended.

  1. How about the Cost Advantage:

The cost advantage of the D&I PRIME metal bottle over the heavy weight Monobloc  (Impact Extruded) Aluminium Bottle  underlines that this D&I technology innovation finds tremendous positive response in the market. See for further explications on this ‘technology’ advancement under FAQ.

The experts comment: ‘the Aluminium Monobloc bottles mainly serve the on-trade market for events or BRAND promotion whereas the lower cost D&I bottles, with the ‘long neck’, will ultimately find an additional position in the off-trade, for mainstream sales channels through high-end retailing’.

  1. As for the Distribution Channels:

The distribution channels, from wholesale to digital platforms, welcome this new initiative and the retailers welcome the idea that the new ‘PRIME metal bottle’ concept revolutionizes the shelf space available for higher margin products, that find their consumers in a true niche.

  1. The future in Circular Economy:

In terms of circular economy, the aluminium ‘PRIME metal bottle’ performs very well on all environmental credentials. The light weight aluminum versus heavy glass bottles, the ‘PRIME’ appeal, feel and look and recycling, respectively recycled content opportunities, receive a clear enthusiastic feedback from consumers to brand owners and retailers!

  1. Reaction from Developing Markets:

Even for developing markets the Prime Metal Bottle-website attracted many interested buyers. The owner of the Prime Metal Bottle concept is now consulting companies and investors on how to set up a ‘PRIME metal bottle’ manufacturing operation.

Especially in areas where glass bottle capacities are limited and where an output of 200-250 Million ‘PRIME metal bottles’ is extremely attractive, from an investment point of view.

Growth for certain products can only be achieved, if there are adequate packaging solutions available. With the technology support of the equipment manufacturers, Prime Metal Bottle will continue to consult all potential interested parties, to benefit most from this new packaging concept.

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