Gold Award for Prime Metal Bottle Concept!

Gold award

During the Canmaker Summit from 23-25 October 2017 at Gleneagles in Scotland, the PRIME Metal Bottle concept received the Gold Award for the Prototype, that had been developed.

Surprised and proud of this achievement, Jan Driessens, owner of the PRIME Metal Bottle concept, received the award from Allan Sayers of The Canmaker. Jan described the Gold Award, for his rather young initiative, to bring the Prime Metal Bottle to the market, as a recognition for his intuition and steady work as well as research on this project for the last five years.

‘As old friends told me once ‘Keep shooting for the Stars….You may only reach the Moon…But if you shoot for the Moon… You will never reach the Stars’, Jan recalls.

Prime Metal Bottle Concept

The idea and concept is mainly driven by the fact that the beverage market is in urgent need for new sustainable and innovative concepts to serve the customer of its customers.
The consumer nowadays wants to be different and recognized for his (excellent) ‘taste’ by his peers. Marketing studies have proven the ‘individualization trend’ that continues to dominate the market(ing) of the new generation. This is supported by the Prime Metal Bottle concept.

‘It feels like the time I brought the sleek can on the shelf in 2003 after the devastating deposit challenge in Germany*. Now, 16 years later, there are a multiple of billions of sleek cans in the European market’ and a whole new market and differentiation segment is born just like that.

With passion, he predicts that the same will happen with the metal bottle within the next 5-10 years. PRIME Metal Bottle aims for the premium beer- and mix drinks-market with the Prime Metal Bottle Concept and is preparing seeding programs with customers in the next 6 months. Wonderful old and new contacts have been made for that reason at this years Gleneagles Can Summit.


Jan emphasises that the rewarded metal bottle with a long neck comes with three different closure types: Crown, Maxi-P and ROPP, and was designed by him for 40 cl content. This proprietary ‘Long Neck’ prototype has been produced according to the PRIME Metal Bottle concept requirements, as investigated in the market.

The idea of the Prime Numbers offers customers the possibility for ingenious market concepts to target special groups, big promotional events and quick marketing actions.


The Prime Metal Bottle is produced from aluminium, a so called permanent and continuous recyclable material that keeps its physical properties. For multiple advantages of the metal bottle click here!

Jan, who has over 25 years of experience in the beverage can market, is convinced this innovation with its unique qualities offers a remarkable new solution for the market!

Photo: Michał Grosicki

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