Prime Metal Bottle

Prime Metal Bottle provides a premium and innovative packaging solution for beverages and certain food applications. The customers will enjoy better positioning in the distribution channels for their product and this results in an enhancement of margin. The consumers can use this product for easier and safer access to the content. The product itself is ultra-lightweight and fits the circular economy 100%. The Metal Bottle protects the content, is the ultimate innovative marketing tool and delivers quality!


The PRIME metal BOTTLE solution for beverages.


Prime Metal Bottle endeavours to provide customers and consumers a modern, stylish and environmentally sound METAL BOTTLE packaging solution for PRIME positioning and distinctive differentiation. The Company embraces innovative concepts and aims to be the technology leader in product, design, marketing and communication. The people working for the company will be recognised as innovators in the industry. Prime Metal Bottle will provide a return to their investors which is superior to the industry standards!