Sustainability Guiding Principles

PRIME Metal Bottle, Puidoux – Switzerland, is fully committed to the three principles of sustainability which are: Economy, Social Responsibility and Ecology. We are very excited to have guest writer Dr. Gert Walter Minet on board to explain these concepts in detail. This article was requested by Mr. Jan Driessens, owner of the PRIME Metal [...]

Gold Award for Prime Metal Bottle Concept!

Gold award

During the Canmaker Summit from 23-25 October 2017 at Gleneagles in Scotland, the PRIME Metal Bottle concept received the Gold Award for the Prototype, that had been developed. Surprised and proud of this achievement, Jan Driessens, owner of the PRIME Metal Bottle concept, received the award from Allan Sayers of The Canmaker. Jan described the Gold [...]

Update on the market for the D&I Metal Bottle!

Advantages metal bottle

'PRIME Metal Bottle' in Puidoux – Switzerland, promises you a regular market insight on  feed-back and interest from her followers on the newly launched website. Today, we share some market information from experts throughout the supply chain, on the added value for the light weight D&I ‘PRIME metal bottle’. What the Brand Owners tell us: Brewers [...]

Do we need to say more….?


We are convinced ....that the Prime Bottle creates a win/win situation for all parties involved in the value chain, from raw material to prime bottle manufacturing: for the consumer, for the brand owner/filler and for the retail business!!! Get yourself acquainted with the proven benefits... and most of all, the metal bottle is 100% recyclable! [...]